Institution ········· Central St Martins
Published ······ 2018
Location ······· Port Talbot, Wales

Tata Town
Questioning the agency of TATA as the largest private-sector influence on Port Talbot town, this study of austerity-driven cutbacks, especially regarding changing pension and labour laws, leads to a proposal for a privately financed urbanism.

Building on historical case studies such as Port Sunlight and Bournville, the Tata Town proposal features a range of new typologies such as third age housing to promote well-being and productivity later in life. Research is accentuated through the medium of story telling.

1. Analysing the Social Spaces of Port Talbot 

Identifying a need for legacy and diversity for the spaces in which the local community move around. A series of books were created to analyse the technicalities and characteristics of the space. 

2. The Journey of the Protagonist

Every good book has to have characters.