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A bit more about our DRIVE


ARCHITECTURE as “the mother of all arts” is the best discipline to illustrate “Gesamtkunstwerk”, the synthesis of the arts, but there are also other aspects which it can attribute. The study of Architecture, and Fashion, can create shelter and structure in the beginning, and it will encompass a certain emotion in the final stages of production. Fashion and architecture are both based on basic life necessities – clothing and shelter. However, they are also forms of self-expression. Both affect our emotional being.

• Fashion refers to the actual garment someone wears, but style is how you put it together and how confident you feel when you are out and about. Similarly, our moods are affected by our living and work conditions – sunlight, cleanliness and comfort.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 12.55.27Not many people realise these similarities, in what seems to be two very different industries, but I think as they do, through reading, people will appreciate the effect of high end fashion, lifestyle goods and designed spaces whilst going about their daily lives. When I am looking for something to purchase it not only has to be practical but also has to be pleasing- visually and tangibly.

For example, buying a glass water bottle instead of using plastic water bottles which will eventually end up in landfill – actively thinking of the effect it could have on society – much like you would if you were building a public space or designing a new style of raincoat.