The Execution?

Picture this. A gaggle of befuddled, disoriented people wearing next to nothing, “fashion-victim-style” on Regent Street at 7AM in the morning, on one of the coldest days we’ve seen in months. Was I soberly judging a group of girls after a night out? No, it was the queue for the new Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration.

Whilst the concept of the collaboration is pretty, the execution just isn’t. I love the materiality and processes they’ve used, but isn’t it just like anything else that H&M make? I have purchased things in the past for less than £100 which are created using the same processes. Why couldn’t Wang have done something different with that extra money? Collaborations are there to extend a high street store’s capabilities as suppliers to the general public, and people that are interested in high fashion that can’t necessarily afford it.

But that aside, he hasn’t skimped on his incredible aesthetic.