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Inside with: Anna Pirkola

You don’t even need to read the tagline of her website to understand Anna Pirkola’s creative ingenuity and job title. “Concept designer, interior and prop stylist, set designer” explain, purely and simply, Anna’s drive for aesthetic and beautiful imagery.

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I felt as if the images she produces and sets she styles are very personal and intimate, in a way that no one could recreate that same set up. I came across a post on the interior of her family home and it didn’t shock me to see that her house was a direct correlation of her personal style.

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The solid black borders reminiscent of the Bauhaus, the cool grey textures echoing Brutalism and those smooth white surfaces and glass accessories screaming Minimalism. It seems she’s a huge lover of HAY home and office ware, but also takes culture in her stride with the image of Morrisey and her vast collection of, what look like, vinyls perched on String bookshelves. The apartment is calm but elegant and is exactly what I’d expect from a Scandinavian home.


Image credit: Facing North With Gracia

Ponchos for Winter? Nah, I Want Wings

Like everybody, I was totally in love with Burberry’s rendition of the poncho – with customisation thrown in. But since then has the poncho just become an accoutrement of the normcore styling we see every day now?

I completely fell for Vík Prjónsdóttir’s Icelandic wool blankets, shaped to look like the wings of the iconic British swan and eider duck. They have been designed as multi-functional, cosy swathes, either for throwing over your shoulders or your sofa. “The Wing is an adaptable small blanket to use as you choose,” said the designers. “Designed to hang from the shoulders, you can slip your hands through its layered ‘feathers’ for comfort that won’t slip, or use it as a dramatic sofa or chair throw.”

“The world of birds is one of dazzling variety and colour, they offer dreams of flight and freedom, exploration and escape.”

The yarn comes from the only spinning mill in Iceland, and Prjónsdóttir hope to regenerate the Icelandic wool industry using creative design such as this. Whilst Burberry ponchos are made from fairly low grade wool and cashmere in Scotland, the Icelandic Wings are made with 100 percent wool from Icelandic sheep who have evolved in complete isolation for 1,000 years. This results in a unique combination of fibres – with outer fibres being water resistant and inner fibres providing insulation. The latest designs, Swan and King Eider, also reference the character and colour combinations of their namesakes.

Vik Prónsdóttir – @Vikprjonsdottir

Made In Ratio


During London Design Festival I visited a few of the 58 participants of the Shoreditch Design Triangle; one of my favourites being the launch of Made In Ratio’s new showroom opened by a brand new installation called Alchemy. Inspired by nature and mathematic geometry the installation explores the narrative behind each design – a key part of Made In Ratio’s fundamental approach to design and their urge to push boundaries.

Made In Ratio is a new brand curated by Brodie Neill, a London-base Australian designer whose aim is to create a focus on experimental processes and European skill.

“There is no shortage of voluptuous forms in Made in Ratio’s debut collection, but as its name suggests, Neill’s interest is to balance form and function, art and design, craft and manufacture. Everything is in 0b02d91e76011897d6ccfcc0d8dbdbfaratio.”

 – David Nicholls, Design Editor, The Telegraph Magazine
Image credit: Made In Ratio