Space Of The Week: Central St Martins


Last Monday I started my first year at Central St Martins and, boy, am I glad I chose this place. Located in the heart of London, Central St Martin’s campus was part of a huge urban regeneration of the vast industrial wasteland that formed a part of King’s Cross.  It occupies the majority of the gargantuan former Victorian granary building, and whilst there are restaurants and other public spaces dotted around, the forecourt of Granary Square is always adorned with the cool students who represent the youth of today’s creative industries.

As a world leading arts hub, the entirety of the monumental structure plays homage to the need for creative space in today’s era. As students we aren’t confined to one classroom or one studio. The many platforms and wings of the building, also known as “the street”, are enriched with long wide tables and neat benches for studying and most importantly, socialising. The social aspect of CSM is one characteristic which my course, part of the Spacial Practices programme, heavily emphasise, to the point where you think – I want to work, not talk to everyone!

I’m obsessed with CSM and I’ve only been there for a week, I’m just hoping that everyone on my course opens up and doesn’t shy away from me when I talk to them. At the end of the day communication is key for study and success and this is most definitely the best place for it.

Image credit: Ellie Fox/SomethingaboutCUBE