Issey Miyake In London

Japanese architect Tokujin Yoshioka has exceeded my expectation with the new Issey Miyake store at 10 Brook Street. Clad with anodised aluminium, the store screams personality and colour, with its’ rich hues of blue contrasting with my favourite material, concrete.

“Incorporating the trace of time cultivated in the space,”

says Yoshioka of the aluminium which was made in Germany and anodised in Sweden – true globalisation style.

The rawness of what remains of the former bank is what attracted me to the concept of this store. It’s fresh and clean whilst holding a certain honesty about it, something which Miyake has always instilled.

What is it about the repetition of pleats that is so aesthetically pleasing and tactile and addictive to touch?  All Miyake garments carry a similar organic shape that have a slightly futuristic edge, much like the repeated patterns and structures you see in the built environment. It just goes to show how important material is, combined with form.

Image credit: Vogue